BU231 Study Guide - Final Guide: Labour Law, International Tropical Timber Organization, Expectation Damages

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18 May 2016

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Contracts can be any combination of some written, some oral, all written, etc. Statute of frauds and consumer protection act 2002 are polar opposites. No action shall be brought = don"t bring this to court. Not performed in one year it will take more than a year to get what"s promise (ex. Guarantee guarantor says: if, and only if, the debtor doesn"t pay, i will . Co-habitation and marriage do not give you the same rights (living together for a long time doesn"t give you full marriage rights) Signing the prenup (not called this in canada): The family law act says you must sign it in front of your own lawyer receiving independent. If you don"t give your spouse full financial information in writing or they don"t get independent legal aid, then there might as well not be a prenup. How assets are divided in canada (except quebec): Doesn"t matter what assets are in whose name.

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