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Carolyn Ensley

CHAPTER 5 Strategic Capacity Planning CHAPTER 4 Product and Service Design House of Quality 4Reliability The ability of a product part or system to perform its intended function under a Product Design ProcessThe Elements Capacity prescribed set of conditions 1Product Approval Committee The upper limit on the load that an Ways to Improve ReliabilityTop management oversees and directs operating unit can handleSystem Design Component Design the development activitiesProductAssembly Techniques 2Core Teams Importance of LongTerm CapacityTesting User EducationCross functional teams designed to plan Impacts ability to meet future demandsRedundancyBackup and lead the projects Affects operating costsPreventive Maintenance Procedures 3Phase Reviews Major determinant of initial costsApprove modify or cancel the project at Affects competitiveness certain milestones 5Robust Design 4Structured Development Process Design that can function over a broad Measuring Capacity CHAPTER 4S Product ReliabilityUse project management techniques to range of conditions Design CapacityMaximum obtainable schedule execute and control Controllable factors are materials output under ideal conditions dimensions and form of processing Product Reliability Effective CapacityMaximum capacity Uncontrollable factors are users control Product Design ProcessThe Phases The ability of a product part or system given delays product mix scheduling length of use maintenance settings etc 1Idea Generation to perform its intended function under a difficulties and other realities Taguchi Approach And primary assessment scoping prescribed set of conditions Actual Output AORate of output Easier to create robust design than to 2Build a Business Case actually that is actually achieved control environmental factorsMarket and competitor analysisAO is alwaysEffective Capacity Failure Central feature is Parameter Design 3Development Situation in which a product part orDetermines factors that are controllableTranslate the voice of the customer system does not perform as intended Efficiency and Utilization and not controllable 4Testing and ValidationEfficiencyDetermines optimal levels of factors 5LaunchNormal Operating Conditionsrelative to major product advances Utilization The set of conditions under which anStageGate Model items reliability is specified 6Legal and Ethical Issues Gate 1Idea Screen RProbability of success Factors Influencing Capacity Legal issues such asDoes the idea merit any work 1FacilitiesChanges in FDA EPA HPA Two Types of Reliability Gate 2Second ScreenFloor space layoutPatent violations Does the idea justify the investigation 2Products or ServicesProduct liability related to injuries 1 In a Series Gate 3Decision to DevelopA limited menu in a restaurant Ethical issues such as Is the business case sound 3HumanReleasing products with defectsGate 4Decision to TestTraining skills and experienceEnvironmental issues 2 In a ParallelShould to project go to external testing 4Planning and Operational Gate 5Decision to LaunchQuality control inventory shifts per dayIs it ready for commercial launch 7Design for Environment 1Reliability in a Series 5External Incorporating the 3 Rs reduce reuse RR X R X R123Pollution standards paper work recycle into product design Sources of Ideas for ProjectsSystem fails if any component failsRemanufacturingRefurbishing used Employees Marketing RD Capacity Planning Process products by replacing wornout or Customers Surveys Focus Groups 2Reliability in a Parallel 1Forecast demand 15 years ahead defective components Competition Reverse Engineering RR1RR one failing 1122Determine capacity requirements Design for DisassemblyDesign so that Suppliers OR 3Measure current capacity and decide used products can be easily taken apart R11R1R both failing 12how to bridge the gap RecyclingRecovering materials for Searching for New Product IdeasSystem fails if all components fails 3AGenerate feasible alternatives future use 1Listening to Market Complaints3BEvaluate alternatives considering 2Gaps in the Market Reliability along the Time Dimension economic and noneconomic aspect 8Concurrent Enginee
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