BU481 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Balanced Scorecard, Value Proposition, Product Market

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24 Feb 2016

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The job of the general manager is to create value for the enterprise. 4 tasks: assessing performance, setting direction (vision, mission, values, creating strategy (determining the way forward) If the general manager can"t assess performance properly, the other tasks will be difficult. How do customers see us? (customer perspective) Customers" concerns tend to fall into 4 categories: time, quality, performance and service, cost/price. What must we excel at? (internal business perspective) Can we continue to improve and create value? (innovation and learning perspective) How do we look to shareholders? (financial perspective) Operating performance hard or more quantitative measures of financial and market performance. Profitability: profit margins, key expense ratios, return on equity, assets, etc. Financial position: leverage ratios, liquidity ratios, activity ratios. Market performance: market share, growth rate in sales, etc. Organizational health soft or more qualitative. Quadrant 2: people enjoy their work, but are not performing up to market and financial standards.