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Pat Lemieux

Technical Test Answers Set 31According to the article Distance Still Matters by Ghemawat the author identifies culture as part of the distance test Please identify and explain three culture attributes that can impact a firms strategy over time as well as the challenges in identifying and dealing with these factors Culture Explanation Challenges FacedFactor Different Products have Easily perceived and understood not many challenges languages high linguistic content and MNCs must be able to translate their products to fit with the appropriate language Different Products affect Products can touch a deeper nerve triggering associations religions cultural or related to the consumers identity as a member of a national identity particular community These are often quite easy to identify of consumers ex Hindus do not eat beef because it is forbidden by their The food industry religion However some countries restrictions are more is particularly difficult to identify ex Rice in Japan carries an enormous sensitive to amount of cultural baggage but in US its just a religious commodityattributesDifferent The deeply Cultural attributes create distance by influencing choices social norms rooted system of that consumers make between substitutes because unspoken preferences for specific featuresEx Colour tastes are principles that closely linked to cultural prejudices Ex The Japanese guide individuals prefer automobiles and household appliances to be small in their everyday reflecting social norm common in countries where space is choices and highly valued interactions
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