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Quinn Major

Practice Problems- Set# 5 Text book Problems: 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.13,8.14, 8.15, 8.16,, 8.17, 8.19, 8.21, 8.22,, 8.23,, 8.24, 8.27, 8.28, , 8.29, 8.31, 8.32, 8.33, 8.35, 8.36, 8.37, 8.39, 8. 53, 8.54, 8.55, 8.56, 8.59, , 8.60, 8.61, 8.62, 8.67, 8.73, 8.74, 8.75, 8.89, 8.90, 8.92 Review extra practice exercises ( 8.1….-8.10; pg 337 for answers) I) Short Answer Questions/Fill in the blanks: 1) Using shorthand notation, the the ground-state electron configuration for Sr 2+is predicted to be_____ 4 2) Using shorthand notation, the the ground-state electron configuration for C is predicted to be_____. +  3) The ionic radius of Cs is _____ than the atomic radius of Cs, and the ionic radius of I is _____ than the atomic radius of I. 4) The element in period 4 with the smallest first ionization energy is _____. 5) The element in period 3 with the smallest seventh ionization energy is _____. 6) The element in group 7A with the least favorable (least negative) electron affinity is _____. 7) Lattice energy increases with _____ cation and anion charges and _____ cation and anion radii. 8) The group 4A element that always obeys the octet rule in its stable compounds is _____. II)Study Questions… Rutherford’s atom 1. What is meant by the expression “nuclear atom”? 2. Although Rutherford’s experiments confirmed the existence of the positively charged nucleus, they left many questions about the structure of the atom unanswered. Discuss. Electromagnetic Radiation 3. What is electromagnetic radiation? At what speed does electromagnetic radiation travel? 4. How are different types of electromagnetic radiation similar? How do they diffr? 5. What is a “packet” of electromagnetic radiation called? 6. What is white light? Colored light? 7. What is the relationship between wavelength and the amount of energy carried by its photons? 8. Explain, in termsof absorbed and reflected light,why a blue object appears blue. 9. What produces gamma rays? How are X-rays used? 10. Why do microwave ovens heat food but not the dish the food is on? 11. Why should excess exposure to ultraviolet light, gamma rays and X-rays be avoided? 12. What type of electromagnetic radiation is used in communiation devices such as cellular telephones? Emission of energy by atoms/Bohr model + 2+ + 13. What is observed when salts containing metal ions sucha s Na , Cu or Li are heated ina flame? 14. What is an emission spectrum? Use the Bohr model to explain why the emission spectra of atoms consist of distinct lines at specific wavelengths. 15. Describe briefly why the study of electromagnetic radiation has been important to our understanding of the arrangement of electrons in atoms. 16. What does it mean to say that the hydrogen atom has “discrete” energy levels? How is this fact reflected in the radiation that excited hydrogen atoms emit? 17. What are the essential point sof Bohr’s theory of the structur eof the hydrogen atom? 18. Why was Bohr’s theory for the hydrogen atom accepted initially, and why was it ultimately discarded? 19. Explain the difference between a Bohr orbit and a quantum mechanical orbital. 20. Two of the emission wavelengths in the hydrogen emission spectrum are 410 nm and 434 nm. One of these is due to the n=6 to n=2 transition and the other is due to the n=5 to n=2 transition. Which wavelenght goes with which transition? Wave Mechanical Model/Hydrogen Orbitals 21. What major assumptions ( analogous to that already demonstrated for electromagnetic radiation) did de Broglie and Schrodinger make about the motion of tiny particles? 22. When describing electrons ina na orbital we use arrows pointing upwarda dn downward to indiate what property? What is Pauli exclusion principle? Why is it important when writing electron configurations? 23. What is Hund’s rule? Why is it important when writing electron configurations? 24. Give some examples of the explanatory power of the quantum mechanical model. 25. Which el
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