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set 8

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Quinn Major

Problems set #8 1. In the following processes identify the type of energy consumed and the type of energy produced. (chemical, electrical, mechanical, gravitational, kinetic, potential, radiant, and/or thermal) a. A piece of metal is heated and glows bright red. b. A “lightstick” is bent and begins to glow. c. A car crashes into a pole and the body metal is warmed. d. Methane is burned and a hot air balloon rises into the sky. 2. How are the following phenomena consistent with the conservation of energy? a. A bouncing ball bounces lower each consecutive bounce b. A solar panel absorbs light and produces electricity c. A car gets worse gas mileage going uphill than on the flats. Problems… Equations needed: C = 75.291 J/molK for H O 2 q = C cal 3. The combustion of an organic compound releases 35.6 kJ of energy and causes the temperature of a constant volume calorimeter to increase by 4.76 °C . What is the heat capacity of the calorimeter? a. 3.05 kJ/K b. 5.67 kJ/K c. 6.90 kJ/K d. 7.48 kJ/K e. 12.3 kJ/K Equations needed: 2.2 lbs = 1 kg 1.609 miles = 1 km Energy kinetic ½mu 2 4. What is the velocity of a jet plane that has a mass of 114,000 kg and kinetic energy of 9.56 x 10 J? 5. What is the kinetic energy of an electron with a velocity of 2.87 x10 m/s? (mass electron 9.109 x10 -31kg) Section 6.2 Equations needed: Table 6.1 q = nCΔT w = Force*distance ΔE = q + w 6. Al 2 3s the raw material for manufacturing aluminum and must be heated considerably before it can be converted to aluminum. Calculate the amount of heat (in kJ) required to heat 200 kg of Al 2 3C = 79.04 J/molK) from 25 °C to 1000 °C and compare that to the amount of heat required to heat 200 kg of Al metal (C = 24.35 J/molK) from 25 °C to 550 °C. What is the difference? 5 a. 9.25 x 104kJ b. 9.47 x 10 kJ c. 7407 kJ d. 79.04 kJ e. 1961 kJ 7. Determine the change in energy of a system when an engine does 25 kJ of work and gives off 30 kJ of heat. 8. Determine the change in energy of a system when an engine does 30 kJ of work while absorbing 40 kJ of heat. 9. Determine the change in energy of a system that absorbs 80 kJ of energy and does 30 kJ of work and releases 25 kJ of heat. 10. A mixture of 2.4 x 10 moles N (g02, 4.5 x 10 moles N O (g0 2nd 3.7 x 10 moles CO (g) 2 in a flask had a total pressure of 1.75 atm. What is the partial pressure of each gas in the mixture? 11. A vessel contains 38 methane gas and 8.5 g ammonia gas at a combine pressure of 1.8 atm. What is the partial pressure of ammonia gas? 12. On a molecular level, ideal gases A. Do not take up space B. Do not demonstrate intramolecular forces C. Are neither A nor B D. Are both A and B 13. 190 torr is equivalent to how many atmospheres? A. 1.9 B. 0.19 C. 0.30 D. 0.25 14. Which one is an assumption of the kinetic molecular theory of gases? A. Gas particles take up space. B. Non random collisions C. Constant interaction of molecules D. Elastic collisions 15. Which of the following gas samples would be most likely to behave ideally under the stated conditions? A) Ne at STP B) CO at 200 atm and 25°C C) SO 2t 2 atm and 0 K D) N 2t 1 atm and -70°C E) O 2t 400 atm and 25°C 16. What pressure (in atm) will 0.44 moles of CO2exert in a 2.6 L container at 25°C? A) 0.35 atm B) 4.1 atm C) 4.7 atm D) 8.6 atm E) 3.6 atm 17. What pressure will 2.610 23molecules of H 2xert in a 3.9 L container at 45°C? A) 5.7 atm B) 1.7 atm C) 2.9 atm D) 3.4 atm E) 4.6 atm 18. What pressure will 14.0 g of CO exert in a 3.5 L container at 75°C? A) 4.1 atm B) 5.0 atm C) 6.4 atm D) 1.1 atm E) 2.3 atm 19) What volume will 0.780 moles of He occupy at STP? A) 22.4 L B) 70.0 L C) 43.7 atm D) 17.5 L E) 15.6 L 20.What mass of NO i2 contained in a 13.0 L tank at 4.58 atm and 385 K? A) 18.8 g B) 53.1 g C) 24.4 g D) 86.7 g E) 69.2 g 21) What volume w
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