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CH111 Midterm: CP102 - Midterm Notes

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John Saville

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Intro to Micro Processing Chapter 1: Using Technology to Change the World Recent political and global issues are showing that technology is accelerating change around the world and galvanizing groups of people in new ways Technology on the World Stage Political Issues Social Media Social Media: Websites or apps that allow users to create and share content andor participate in social networking with others Enable the gathering of groups of people to connect and exchange ideas, and they have brought together people facing repression and censorship in many countries. Politicians worldwide have also begun to incorporate social media as part of their political strategy o Use to communicate with their constituents Proven to be a very effective way of motivating people to vote I.E. The Irish referendum on marriage equality meant many Irish Living Abroad traveled home just to vote, documenting their trips using HomeToVote o Ireland become the first country to legalize gay marriage through a popular vote Providing a level of instant connection and information distribution that is reshaping the world Crisis Mapping Tool Another example of the interaction of technology and society is the software tool Ushahidi (Testimony) o Is a crisismapping tool that collects information from emails, SMS, blog posts, and twitter tweets and then maps them, instantly making the information publicly available o Created following, a disputed election in Kenya when violence broke out all over the country Other Global Issues Health Care Infectious diseases account for about 15 of all deaths worldwide The odds of a flu pandemic occurring in the next century are nearly 100 o With newer scientific visualization tools, scientists are developing antibodies for flue viruses and even HIV, viruses that are difficult to target because they continually change shape. Computationally intense modeling software is helping researchers increase the pace of vaccine production, saving lives. Retinal prosthetics is another example of global health concerns being addressed with technology o Macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa are two diseases that destroy the retina Working on a microchip that can replace the function of the retina The Environment What if every cell phone in the world had buildin atmospheric sensors? Smart internetconnected water sprinklers
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