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Communication Studies
Ghislain Thibault

10/31/2013 1. Photography and photojournalism three new writing systems:  photograph o 1839 Daguerrotype: photographs on plates of metal not paper o rise of photojournalism to photographs: three constitutive elements (keller, CIH, 144-151):  1. halftone pictures  2. press photographers  3. photo agencies  phonograph  cinematograph o belief that scientific instruments o assumption that machine can see more+better than human eye o 2. motion pictures  3. The rise of the wired world 11/07/2013 sound culture: radio droppin tha phonograph 1. radio return of the oral culture, walter ong-secondary orality collective, subjective builds from telegraphy etc rise of the wired world: telegraph, telephone wires, etc transmit w.o wire was a dream for most late 19c (fastest technological advancements radically changed social structure) radio (marconi, 1849) used morse code to transmit telegraph was 1 to 1 radio was really talked in this bidirectional media of communication 1:1 system susan douglas -first radio users mostly young males in cities playing w radio, building, transmitting n receiving public reception-public astounded jonathan peters -radio is mysterious n wonderful ooo0o0ooo 1910-more amateur users than companies etc douglas-listening in n eavesdropping etc was learned, 3 modes: DXing: tune in from a station as far away as possible music listening: no schedule, hope someone is broadcasting music to listen to story listening: am-operators (amateurs): negative connotation bout n00bs usin dis 1912-first regulations for radio usage titanic, war 1920-licensed transmitter of information through the Ether radio is first mass media to be regulated li
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