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Communication Studies
Eric Theriault

After Midterm Notes Media History nd1 Friday November 2 2012Visual culture photography and film Telephonetelegraph the electric media Secondary Orality by McLuhan and Walter media after print culture that were speech basesecondary oralitytelephone telegraph to a certain degree television and radioMcLuhan are we back into the primary oralityspeechthAlongside electric media the 19 century will witness the rise of three new writing systems 1 photograph writing light 2 phonograph writing sound 3 cinmematographwriting movementPhotograph st1839 1 commercial photographic system called the Daguerreotype Photography on paper made it possible to reproduce images mechanically Photographs were slow to be featured regularly in newspapersinstead of just the rich getting painting done etc now with theDaguerreotype it became possible to have time bias because for the first timeyou could have a historical library of photosmade a huge commotionpeople lined upwas accessible to everyonethe process was trademarked so that the creator could have some sort ofrecognition as it become so popular people would still remember his name LouisJacquesMand Daguerre then replaced by photography on paper cheaper simpler processBy 1900 23 of newspapers consisted of ads Manufactures used the early masswould help distinguish one product from anotherThe rise of photojournalismto photographs Ulrich Keller3 constitutive elements 1 Halftone Picturesmediathe capacity of being printed on paper that we can reproduce 2 Press Photographs1 3 Photo AgenciesKeller CIH pp 144151Ulrich reality is not given but rather socially constructed though competing
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