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Martin Morris

WHAT A DRAGAmy HamiltonTo be clear from the start the term drag has no correlation with transvestitism and drag queens majority of anyway have no interest in surgical alterations to become that of the opposite genderWho they are on stage is dramatically altered for public viewing from the essence of who they are off of itDrag in its most charming form shows gender to be performative as it creates the ability to distinguish two separate scenarios of gender transformation and how the public views it while showing an overwhelming need to overcompensate in gender as well as creating the possibility of a third genderAs I have read Butler and Hopkins articles one problem is very clear to meIt is not enough to beWe cant just be accepted on essence alone we must show that we are fully dedicated to the gender group in which we are drafted to just as a player of a sports team would wearing home colours on and off the field playing the role of the tough guy acting correct for othersDrag does not do so and thus they petition against what should be and create way for what can beFirst off I want to say that I have seen a drag show before and the alterations that go into someones appearance to become the presence they act out on stage is lengthyIt is hard to believe that they are even the same person and so it is easy to believe that they are notButler lightly touches on this idea of derealization and so I wish to expand on itThe most obvious explanation of drag as showing gender as performative for me is literalDrag queens are in fact performers They put on copious amounts of makeup to outdo the next and strut their stuff as
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