PS261 chapter 10

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Communication Studies
Martin Morris

Chap 10 study notesAversive Control Avoidance and PunishmentAversive stimuli are all around us and can play a major role in controlling our behaviour We may perform a certain response in order to avoid or stop an aversive stimulus or we may encounter an aversive stimulus after performing certain responsesThe difference between Avoidance and PunishmentBoth involve aversive stimuli something that makes them want avoid something of some kind AvoidancePunishmentMaking a response that prevents aversive Making certain responses causes the aversive stimulusstimulus to be presentedNegative reinforcementnegative contingency between the response and thepositive contingency between the response and the aversive stimulusperformance of the avoidance aversive stimulusperformance of the punished response will increase over trialsresponse will decrease over trialsEx wearing oven mitts to avoid burn when Ex stick a fork in a socket youd get a very strong shocktaking out cookiesOrigins of the Study of Avoidance BehaviourThe first examination of avoidance behaviour was a study by Bechterev 1913 using human participantsFinger on a metal plateTone would come on conditioned stimulusFollowed by a shock unconditioned stimulusFinger was lifted first from USAfter trials fingers was lifted at CSHas instrumental components to it subjects own behaviour determined whether they got presented with the US or notA study by Brogden et al 1938 with guinea pigs showed that avoidance condition is different from classical conditioning
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