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Communication Studies
Martin Morris

Chap 9 STUDY NOTESNeed to know effects of extinction proceduresNeed to know four sources of evidence that support the idea that extinction doesnt erase the original learningIdentify ways of enhancing the effects of extinction proceduresDescribe what is learned in extinctionFocuses on looking at extinction or procedures that attempt to undo whatever was learned in acquisitionMany of our undesirable behaviours are the result of associating the wrong things together extinction is very important for real world applicationSome associations are harmful and that individual needs to be helpedExtinction involves not delivering the unconditioned stimulus USnatural following the Conditioned stimulus CSmade stimulated in classical conditioning or not delivering the outcome following the performance of a previously reinforced response in instrumental conditioningEx if Pavlovs dogs had learned that shortly after hearing a bell CS food is delivered and the dogs were salivating to the bell showing a strong conditioned response CR extinction would involve conducting many trials in which the bell is presented all by itself without the food Or if a rat had been instrumentally conditioned to press a lever to receive the delivery of food extinction would involve no longer delivering food for lever pressesEffects of ExtinctionInvestigated by Neuringer et al 2001Extinction procedures have both behavioural and emotional effects Behaviourally an increase in response variability is this variable keep trying before giving up and a decrease in response rate is typically observed Emotionally extinction produces frustration and extinctioninduced aggression Ex Azrin et al 1966 studied the behaviour of a pigeon pecking a key for food in a Skinner box while another pigeon was restrained in a corner For the most part the pecking pigeon ignored the restrained pigeon as long as there was food available But when shifted to extinction the pecking pigeon was likely to attack the restrained bird This type of extinctioninduced aggression has also been found in other species including humansI dont why the thought of a bird getting angry to attack the pigeon in the corner made me laughExtinction and Original LearningOriginal learning is still in tact
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