Midterm 1 september - october 26th review Lecture material with extra points written to simplify

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Anne- Marie Kinahan

Communications Professor e mailakinahanwluca Office3146 DAWB Office hours Thursday 11am1pm Key topicsHistory of mass media in CanadaRelationship between media and advertisingRise of new mediaRelationship between media and democracy Required text rd 3 edition of mass communications in CanadaThe brief penguin handbook Assignments and evaluationTutorial participation and assignments 25Midterm exam 25Research essay 25Final exam 25 TutorialsOrganized in 5 week blocksOdd numbered tutorial groups begin this weekTutorials are essay writing workshops Essays must be submitted to turn it incom thMidterm exam will be held on October 27 Will include material from lectures readings and screeningsthere will be no tutorials the week of thOctober 27 Format multiple choicesResearch essayTopics will be provided in your tutorial groups this week Final examWill cover material from the entire courseIt will scheduled during the final exam period which runs from December 922 Communication studies degree nd In order to proceed in to the 2 year of the program u mustHave an overall gpa of 50 or higher and a cs gpa of 60 or higherCs gpa is the average of cs100 and cs101 plus any other cs elective course nd In addition in order to take cs203 and cs 235 in 2 year you must have a minimum grade of c in both cs100 and cs101 What is communication studies 2 primary definitions of communication1communication as transmission a one way sender message receiver modelOne way models of communication can be manipulativemany influence values attitudes and behaviours2 Communication as a ritual a two way process of eand sharingTwo way models of communication are participatory create community Central questions about mass communicationHarold lasswell 1948WhoSays whatIn which channelTo whoWith what effectsNew wh9o what when where why version by Harold lasswell Who is communicating What are they saying What medium are they using Who is the intended audience How is the audience affected
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