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CS235 Final: CS235 Final Exam Review

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Communication Studies
Andrew Herman

CS235 Final Exam Review In the second part of the term: Moving from social facts to social constructivism as the dominant model of research and analysis Quantitative methods to qualitative methods Social sciences cannot be modeled on the natural sciences Inductive rather than inferential Go out and find what people are doing and then develop a grounded theory Validity is grounded in localized truths of experience, not theoretical hypothesis or concepts Culture (Gray) Culture is not a free floating set of ideas or beliefs, nor is it exemplified only by a canon of great works of art or literature Culture is broadly the production of meaning or signifying practice that happens at every level of the social and at every moment within cultural process Culture is both a noun and a verb, objects and subjects, artifacts and action Gray locates the nexus of culture as noun and verb, as embodying the symbolic and the material, at the intersection of the social and the textual (13) Popular media forms and other texts are entwined in our everyday lives, they provide a shared social and cultural currency and their images, catchphrases and characters often settle into the sediment of popular memory (1415) The social: How the textual dimension of culture is embodied in the practice of culture and lived experience The textual: Somethings that can be read, how something is talked about. Ethnography (WalshPhillips) Writing the story of people It is a method or set of methods that involves the ethnographer participating overtly or covertly in peoples everyday lives for an extended period of time, watching what happens, listening to what is said, asking questions You enter the field from the outside and work to the inside o Entering specific bounded worlds of lived experience and the articulation of the social and the textual o E.g. Sam Dunn in Metal: A Headbangers Journey In ethnography observations may be o Structured (strict interview protocols) o Unstructured (loose methods) o The aim is to be naturalistic in natural setting, not in trying to model the natural science Example: This is Why We Cant Have Nice Things o Conducted and transcribed dozens of online interview with 25 different trolls or several platforms o Exchanged lots of email and private messages with trolling collaborators o Introduced himself to a snowballing sample of research recruits o Engaged in participantobservation on 4chan, Facebook, Skype, YouTube and other online spaces recommended by his collaborators o Immersion in the field
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