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CP102 Final Exam

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Computer Science
Rick Henderson

Multiple Rooms Muitple Choice (approx 74 questions) Scantron based- Bring Pencil and Eraser All chapters covered (Not including database) Cheat-sheet permitted 8 ½ by 11 in size. Hand Written One side only Questions to ponder What is computer literacy? An understanding of computer capabilities and limitations What is the digital divide? The gap caused by those with access to computers and the internet and those that do not What is information technology? A study of information handling and retrieval Compare Data to Information Data= raw facts. If organized into meaningful manner, we have information What do we call attempt to offer us interesting related books? Data-mining- Decisions based on matching purchasing habits What is computer forensics? Using computer to help solve crimes What is nanotechnology? Really small technology What are computer simulations? Using the computer to replicate situations that allow us to study & predict (weather, medicine, sports) What is RFID? Radio frequency identification: Small devices that can be sensed (animals, stores, roadway tolls/ 407) What are the 4 major functions of a computer? Gathers, Processes, Outputs and stores Units of measure…. K, meg, gig? K= 1 thousand Meg= 1 million Gig= 1 Billion What is Ergonomics? Applied science of how people use and interact with physical objects from safety and efficiency point of view (eg, chairs, desks, mice and monitors) What is the Internet? NOT THE WEB!! Global collection of interconnected networks Where did the internet come from? US military during the cold war What is NIC? Network Interface Card- Hardware in your computer used to connect you to the network What is PORT? Connector on your computers to hookup extra devices/ peripherals to your computer (Eg USB) What does VOLATILE mean? Loses data if powered off (RAM). Hard drives are non-volatile Difference between data and information What is software Machine readable instructions that tell the computer how to perform tasks What are the 2 types of software System and Application Software Compare and contrast the two System software runs the computer (MacOS) Applications are what people like to use Give some examples of system software Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux Utility programs: Antivirus, Defrag What is a PLATFORM? Combination of hardware and operating system Application software tends to be Platform specific Many applications have specific requirements which include that platform and memory/cpu/peripherals (Gamers need FASST cpus and expensive video cards) Name some office Productivity software for each platform Microsoft office: word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access Apple IWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote…??? Linux Open/ Libre office: Writer, Calc, Impress, Base Can we take notes with our laptops? Yes many apps exist for your laptops…. MS OneNote Can
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