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CP102 Final: CP 102 - Midterm and Final Exam Notes

Computer Science
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John Saville
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CP 102 Technology in Action
Textbook Notes
Chapter 1 Using Technology to Change the World
How Will You Put Technology in Action?
o Tool that enables us to make an impact
Technology on the World Stage
o Political Issues
Social Media Tools
Impacting elections worldwide
Enable the gathering of groups of people to connect and
exchange ideas
Brought together people facing repression and censorship
o Uprising in Ukraine resulted in Facebook page
Politicians use social media to communicate with their
o Effective way to get people motivated to vote
o Iish ee oseatie; though soial edia’s ifluee;
twitter, and facebook, became the first country to legalize
gay marriage through a popular vote
o Instant connection, that is reshaping the world
Crisis-Mapping Tools: Software tool Ushahidi
Collects information from e-mails, text messages, blog posts, and
tweets, maps them, making the location of distress public
During natural disasters in Haiti, Japan, Chile, Syria, Somalia;
Ushahidi has been used to help identify areas of violence, help
locate clean food and water, and saves lives in times of political
o Other Global Issues
Health Care
Flu Pandemic occurring in the next century is 100%
Computationally intense modeling software is helping researchers
increase the pace of vaccine production, saving lives.
Retinal prosthetics being addressed by technology
The Environment
Sensors in phones with geo-tags could result in scientists being
informed about new trends in our environment
Internet-connected sprinklers to save water in dry countries like
The Digital Divide
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Gap between the levels of Internet Access and availability of
technical tools in different parts of the world
NEI Next Einstein Initiative Focus resources on mathematical
minds of Africa
AIMS African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Could
profoundly change the future of Africa if expanded
Technology and Our Society
o Technology Impacts How We Think
What We Think About
Web 2.0 Tools and wed-based service that emphasizes online
collaboration and sharing among users
Cognitive Surplus Combination of leisure time and the tools to
be creative
Modern theories of Motivation (people are motivated by)
o Autonomy: freedom to work without constant direction
and control
o Mastery: feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing
your own skills progress
o Purpose: understanding that you are working for
something larger than yourself
o Technology Impacts How We Connect
Connecting Through Music
Connect intimately by creating and sharing music tool that allows people to exchange the songs they
created, with the settings and samples
Pulishe; distiutes ad sells, use’s usi to ITues, and Google
Play if it is popular enough
Connecting Through Business
Kickstarter People post their ideas for a company, and ask for
funds directly
o Donors are given various levels of pledges
Also known as crowdfunding asking for donations from a larger
number of people using the internet
o Technology Impacts How We Consume
New strategies dependant on the fact if consumers are using cell
phones with a camera and internet access
QR (quick response code) codes that link a print host to the
o ShopSavvy helps to get the best price
o SnipSnap helps to get coupons
Crowdsourcing checking in with the voice of the crowd
o ScanLife Checks opinions of products on items
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find more resources at

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Access Versus Ownership
Cars and bikes can be subscriptions instead or purchases
Zipcar reservation activates, and tracks, your car
Call a Bike call the phone number attached to the bike, unlock
the bike, use it, put it back, automatic billing
Collaborative consumption joining as a group to use a specific
product more efficiently
How Will Technology Improve Your Life?
o The oe ou udestad teholog, the oe podutie ad poteted ou’ll
e at hoe, ad the ette pepaed ou’ll e fo a aee
Technology at Home
o Understanding computer terminology will help you determine which computers
and devices you need
o Computer Literacy
Computer Literate: Being familiar enough with computers that a user
knows how to use them and understands their capabilities and
Software; Set of computer programs or instructions that tells the
computer what to do and that enables it to perform different tasks
Avoiding hackers and viruses, protecting your privacy, understanding the
real risk, using the web wisely, avoiding online annoyances
Technology and Your Career
o Information Technology: The set of techniques used in processing and retrieving
Field of study on the management and processing of information and the
automatic retrieval of information
Working with computers, telecommunications, software development
In 2030; computers will replace humans in 60% of current occupations
o Impact of Computer Literacy on Your Career
Perform job more effectively
Augmentative Reality: Addition of digital information directly into our
HoloLens: Manipulate holographic images
Point of Eye Camera: Camera is positioned right in front of the eye
Virtual Reality: Creates an artificial environment that is immersive and
Big Data: Large data sets that are analyzed to reveal patterns,
trends, and associations
Data Mining: Process by which great amounts of data are
analyzed and investigated to find a pattern
To see how much is sold where and where do additional discounts
or items need to be applied/removed
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find more resources at
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