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Computer Science

An expansion card that enables a computer to produce sounds that are omnidirectional or three dimensional. 3D sound card A wireless standard established in 1997 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; also known as WiFi (short for Wireless 802.11 standard Fidelity), it enables wireless network devices to work seamlessly with other networks and devices. A device that reads information from a magnetic strip on the back of a credit cardlike access card (such as a student ID card); card readers are easily programmed by adding access card reader authorized ID card numbers, Social Security numbers, and so on. A program or hardware mechanism that controls which computer is allowed to use the transmission media in a access method network at a certain time. The time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data. access time An application program that helps business owners manage their finances more efficiently by providing tools for tracking accounting accounting software transactions such as sales, accounts receivable, inventory purchases, and accounts payable. A programming language included in Flash; similar to ActionScript JavaScript in its keywords, operators, and classes. A scripting environment in which users combine HyperText Markup Language (HTML), scripts, and Active Server Pages (ASP) reusable Microsoft ActiveX server components to create dynamically generated Web pages. A network topology in which each node on the network is responsible for retransmitting the token, or the data, to other active topology nodes. A software product for developing Webbased multimedia. Adobe Flash A program that downloads on your computer when you install a freeware program, game, or utility. Generally, Adware adware enables sponsored advertisements to appear in a section of your browser window or as a popup ad box. A type of computing that relates to emotion or deliberately tries to affective computing influence emotion. aggregator A software program that goes out and grabs the latest update of Web material (usually podcasts) according to your specifications. A device that enables users to have wireless Internet access with aircard mobile devices such as PDAs and notebooks. A collection of technologies that allows the creation of Web applications that can update information on a page AJAX without requiring the user to do a page refresh or leave the page. A set of specific, sequential steps that describe in natural language exactly what a computer program must do to algorithm complete its task. A desktop system unit that houses the computers processor, allinone computer memory, and monitor in a single unit. Confirms that only textual characters are entered in a alphabetic check database field. Waves that illustrate the loudness of a sound or the brightness of analog the colors in an image at a given moment in time. analogtodigital Converts analog signals into digital signals. converter chip Software that is specifically designed to detect viruses and antivirus software protect a computer and files from harm. application A block of code in the operating system that software applications programming need to interact with. interface (API) A server that acts as a repository for application software. application server The set of programs on a computer that helps a user carry out tasks such as word processing, sending email, balancing a application software budget, creating presentations, editing photos, taking an online course, and playing games. The process of restarting the system while its powered on. arm boot The science that attempts to produce computers that display artificial intelligence (AI) the same type of reasoning and intelligence that humans do. aspect ratio The widthtoheight proportion of a monitor. A language that enables programmers to write their programs using a set of short, Englishlike commands that speak directly to the central processing unit (CPU) assembly language and give the programmer very direct control of hardware resources. Programs that perform basic editing tasks on audio files such as audio editing cutting dead air space from the beginning or end of a song or software cutting a portion from the middle. The process of identifying a computer user, based on a login or username and password. The computer system determines authentication whether the computer user is authorized and what level of access is to be granted on the network. A server that keeps track of who is logging on to the network authentication server and which services on the network are available to each user. A program that enables a hacker to take complete control of a computer without the legitimate users backdoor program knowledge or permission. A backup is a copy of computer files that you can use to Backup replace the originals if they are lost or damaged. A Windows utility (found in the Control Panel) that allows the user to create a duplicate copy of all the data on a hard drive (or just the folders and files the user specifies) Backup and Restore utility and copy it to another storage device, such as a DVD or external hard drive. The accommodation of current devices being able to use backward compatibility previously issued software standards in addition to the current standards. The maximum speed at which data can be transmitted bandwidth (data between two nodes on a network; usually measured in transfer rate) megabits per second (Mbps). See also data transfer rate. The original object class from which other classes base class derive. A large communications tower with antennas, amplifiers, base transceiver station and receiverstransmitters. A program that manages the data between a computers operating system and all the input and output devices basic inputoutput system attached to the computer; also responsible for loading (BIOS) the operating system (OS) from its permanent location on the hard drive to random access memory (RAM). A heavily secured server located on a special perimeter network between a companys secure internal network and its bastion host firewall. The process of accumulating transaction data until a certain point is reached, then processing those batch processing transactions all at once.
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