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Final Exam review notes all information that is going to be on the exam. Everything in these notes will be helpful on the final exam.

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Computer Science
Mark Bramwell

Final exam cheat sheet 11242010 15600 PM Random Questions to ponder1 of 7 Q compare Client Server to peer to peer A Client server has central machine all clientspoint to central machine A peer to peer has everyone pointing to everyone bittorrents A the internet is mainly CSQ what is the internet backbone A super FAST data pathwayQ what is IXP A interconnection point of multiple ISPQ what kind of data lines are the fastest A OC lines which are fiber optic communications linesQ what are communication protocols A common methodrules for nodes to communicate even across varied technologiesA open system protocols are public domain and available for anyone to use 2 of 7 Q servers tend to be special single purpose name some purposes A WEB FILE PRINT COMMERCEQ what is a MAC Address A 12 character unique number assigned to your NIC Also known as the hardware addressQ What is an IP address A unique number used by your computer to send data over the internet A can be staticmanually set never changing or Dynamic autochanges every time you connect Q what is a packet A data is broken into small chunks and sent Note each packet could take a different path to the destinationQ what must be present in every packet that traverses the internet A sender recipient reassembly instruction dataQ What is the role of the network interface card A breaks down the data into small packets A encodes the data for transmission onto the network A Accepts data meant for the computer rejects all other packets A no NICno network accessQ if nodes are allowed to randomly send packets on a network collisions can occur what method was developed to reduce this possibility A TOKEN passing was used to give each node its turn at passing dataQ what is a repeater A Network device that boosts a network signal so it can travel furtherQ what is a hub A network device that retransmits signals to all connecting nodes Q What is HTTP A protocol used to send web data to your browserQ WHAT is HTML A codes language used by web pages Q what is CSS A Cascading style sheets skin of a website Describes the look and feel of multiple pages from a centralized fileQ what is SSL A Secure Socket Layer Encryption for internet HTTPS Q know the steps of SDLC p7 and PDCL P 18 chapter 10
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