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Midterm #2 and Final Review "Random questions to ponder" -sample questions that cover 90% of the exam

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Computer Science
Mark Bramwell

CP102 Lecture Onewwwfoxhollowcacp102 Midterms 6070 Scantron questions 1 hr long Songs 4 megs stay away from small songs 10k100k in size thats the size of a virus Midterm 2 50 Questions Chapter 679 no html 1 What is a cybercrimeCriminal acts conducted by cybercriminals through the use of computers2 Types of Viruses Chapter 9 20 questions mostly definitions of different viruses 15 questions on chapter 6 and 7 each1 question on passwords grayware social engineering REVIEW QUESTIONS 1 What is the CPU The central processing unit the brain2 What are the 2 main parts of the CPU The control unit controls programs and the arithmetic logic unit math calculations 3 What are the 2 speed measurements used in the CPU specsThe CPU clock frequency usually measured in GHZ how fast we compute data and the frontsidebus how fast we acquiredata 4 What is a GPU Special CPU on a graphics card specialized for video processing 5 What are DIMMS Dual inline memory modules small circuit board containing memory chip RAM Most systems have several gigabytes6 What is cache memoryMemory on the cpu chip Different levels L1L2 based on proximity to actual CPU 7 What is Moores law Predicts the rate at which computers will increase in capacityspeed 8 What is a network node An endpointcomputer printer router switch 9 What is a router Device used to connect networks together HomeHANLAN InternetWAN 10 Comparecontrast peertopeer and client server In peertopeer all networks are equal not centralized home work Client server stores all info On a central machine which all other computers talk to web 11 Compare throughput to datatransferrate DTR speed of the bits when they are actually moving the max speed possible if 100 A throughput is how much is transferred over a period of time
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