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Midterm 1 Review "questions to ponder" for the first midterm/final review

Computer Science
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Mark Bramwell
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CP1O2 Midterm Review
1. What is hardware?
2. Compare a PC to a mainframe.
PC= single user
Mainframe= hundreds of users
3. Name some input devices.
Mouse, microphone, scanner, touch screen
4. Name some output devices
Printer, screen, speakers
5. What is the name of the mainboard inside the computer that contains the majority
of the components?
Motherboard (systemboard)
6. What is RAM?
Volatile, temporary workspace of computer
7. Name some non-volatile storage devices.
Hard drive, USB, CD
8. What is a platform?
Combination of hardware and software (OS) eg. Windows and macintosh
9. What is CLI?
Command line interface (old MS-DOS)
10. What is GUI?
Graphical user interface (windows, mac OSX)
11. What is an operating system?
Most essential system software
Controls all hardware
Presents ‘user interface’
12. What is computer forensics?
Law enforcements retrieval of information from a criminal’s computer
13. What is nano-science?
Science of really small things
14. What is USB?
Universal serial bus; a port on your computer
Flash drive plugs into USB and sometimes printer
15. What is file compression?
Replacing patterns in a file with a place holder for the purpose of reducing
the size of the original file
16. Why are spreadsheets popular?
The ability to automatically recalculate
17. What is the Internet 2 project?
The development of new internet technologies
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