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Midterm 1 Review "questions to ponder" for the first midterm/final review

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Computer Science
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Mark Bramwell

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CP1O2 Midterm Review 1 What is hardware 2 Compare a PC to a mainframePC single userMainframe hundreds of users 3 Name some input devicesMouse microphone scanner touch screen 4 Name some output devicesPrinter screen speakers 5 What is the name of the mainboard inside the computer that contains the majority of the componentsMotherboard systemboard 6 What is RAMVolatile temporary workspace of computer 7 Name some nonvolatile storage devicesHard drive USB CD 8 What is a platformCombination of hardware and software OS eg Windows and macintosh 9 What is CLICommand line interface old MSDOS 10 What is GUIGraphical user interface windows mac OSX 11 What is an operating systemMost essential system softwareControls all hardwarePresents user interface 12 What is computer forensicsLaw enforcements retrieval of information from a criminals computer 13 What is nanoscienceScience of really small things 14 What is USBUniversal serial bus a port on your computer Flash drive plugs into USB and sometimes printer 15 What is file compressionReplacing patterns in a file with a place holder for the purpose of reducing the size of the original file 16 Why are spreadsheets popularThe ability to automatically recalculate 17 What is the Internet 2 projectThe development of new internet technologies
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