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Midterm 1 & 2 review + Final review Midterm 1 & 2 sample questions and answers Final exam sample questions and answers all in one pdf file :)

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Computer Science
Mark Bramwell

Midterm 1 LogisticsSeptember1609300 PMWhereHereWhen Oct 22 830amWhatChapters 1234511Word processing and spreadsheet material from the capron textHow60 MC questionPaper based question no computer permittedAnswers on scantrons85 X 11 single sided cheat sheetRandom questions to ponderQ what are simulationsA using computers to simulate a real phenomenon We can then perform whatif investigationsQ What is dataminingA checking existing data looking for patterns chaptersca amazonca forensic scienceQ what are bar codesAmachine readable scanable lines containing data UPC MaxicodesA read by Pss portable shopping systemHardware What is a PrinteraOutput deviceScannerbInput device looks at paper and puts it into your computerHDDcNonvolatile permanentstorage device in your computerCRTdCathode ray tube an output deviceLCDeLiquid crystal display output deviceRAMfShort term memory for the computer volatile memory clears the memory once you restart the computerthe conscience of the computernot high capacityROMgRead only memory Its permanentBIOShBasic input output systemIt helps boot up the computerNICgNetwork interface card If you have a digital home you use a NIC to connect everything in your house togetherCPUhCentral processing unit The brain of the computer does all the calculationModemiModulator demodulator Midterm review Page 1 Q What is the first operating system for personal computerA PCDOS or MSDOSChpt 5 pg 1724 34Naming FilesFilename Name assigned plus filename extensionCharacters not legal Windows filenamesCharacter not legal in Mac filenames Midterm review Page 2
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