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CP104 Full Course Notes
CP104 Full Course Notes
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Using recursion in a complicated situation, namely writing functions that consue 2 lists (or 2 data types, each of which has a recursive function) Case 1: a list going along for the ride. My-append (built-in) consumes 2 lists list1 and list2 and produces the list with empty in list1 replaced by list2. The function append is a built-in function that consumes 2 or more lists. Careful not to use (append (list 3) my-list) Use append only when the first list has length greater than one or when there are more than 2 lists to join together. We need to process individual elements of list1, but not list2. Total-value determines the total value of items sold, given prices of items and numbers of each item. Example: the total of prices (1 2 3) and numbers (4 5 6) is 1*4 + 2*5 + 3*6 = 32.

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