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Environmental Studies
Rob Milne

ES293 Week 9, Lecture 1: Midterm Correction & Finishing Chapter 6 Final Exam is NOT cumulative! Only need to know key system terms Part One Resilience: system’s ability to adjust, or return to the prior state after a disturbance Ecological Integrity: keeping a system in its natural state, maintaining its process and structure Landscape Metrics: analyzing the land pattern, how an area is divided Greater Park Ecosystem: manage a park properly need to look at what is going on outside of the park, managing the processes and composition of the species inside of the park and outside of the park. Managing need to consider the whole picture Bio-cultural Diversity: high biodiversity correlated with high cultural diversity, combination of two together Part Two Watershed Input, Throughput, and Output Input= precipitation, water (WHAT ENTERS SYSTEM) Throughput= water being stored, used for photosynthesis (WHAT HAPPENS WHILE IN SYSTEM) Output= tapped into a lake and water going to homes (WHAT COMES OUT OF THE SYSTEM) Optimal Breadth Diet Model Describe what’s in the equation, optimizing the food choices and trying to save energy but also trying to get most energy for choice. You are looking for food choice with most efficiency, high energy, and least amount of time. Minimum Viable Population= MVP Has to be a population that will remain intact 1000 for approximately 99% Discussing an animal with an example that makes sense Important to wildlife management, because when designing a park for a specific species need to know size of area needed for species fit comfortably TEK vs. Citizen Science Traditional Ecological Knowledge= gained knowledge of the environment over time, like First Nations Citizen Science= another approach to getting community, local knowledge through volunteer programs, local people bringing knowledge and getting involved In both ca
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