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Philippa Gates

The Big Sleep 10/2/2012 3:38:00 PM Setting:  Large mansion, rich house, money for private detective  1940‟s old fashioned shops and fashion Characters: 1. Philip Marlowe played by Humphrey Bogart 2. Vivian Rutledge played by Lauren Bacall 3. Carmen Sternwood played by Martha Vickers 4. Book Store Worker played by Dorothy Malone 5. Eddie Mars played by John Ridgely 6. Mona Mars played by Peggy Knudsen Plot Points: 1. Marlowe goes into the second bookstore to get a look at Geiger; is able to follow him home and get a good look. Establishes relationship with the sales clerk in the bookstore. After following Geiger, manages to hear gunshots and follow him into a house where Geiger has been shot. 2. Marlowe finds Carmen in the house with Geiger shot; she is drugged and incoherent. Takes her home where her sister says, “She never remembers anyways.” This shows that this is not a one time occurrence. Than goes back to the scene of the crime to find that Geiger is no longer there, someone moved his body. 3. Marlowe brings Carmen back to Geiger‟s house where he was shot, She blames it on Joe Brody with a smirk on her face; guilty face while he asks her about the murder. Smirk; a reason behind her blaming Brody. 4. Marlowe goes to Brody‟s; walks in on Brody trying to take money from Vivian; Brody threatens Marlowe with a gun; Carmen knocks on the door and threatens Brody for her picture. Marlowe takes all the guns, receives the picture and gets ride of Carmen. After discussing Geiger‟s death there is a knock at the door; as the door opens, Brody gets shot and Marlowe begins to chase the shooter. Follows the shooter and collects him, gets him into the car and takes him to Geiger‟s. 5. Marlowe drives Vivian home from a party; he saves her from a mugging on the way to the car; connection in the car due to Marlowe comforting her about the mugging; the kiss in the car as their way of manipulating each other; Marlowe interrogates her about her relationship with Eddie Mars. 6. Marlowe pulls over on the side of the road where he knows he will find Veronica and Eddie Mars. He claims to have a flat tire; the two men knock him out; he wakes up tied up and Veronica is exactly where he thought. He honestly does care about her; he came specifically to fin her, she cares two and lets him out of his ropes and kisses him; this time with passion instead of manipulation. Marlowe escapes from the men who brought Eddie Mars to him; he steals the gun from their car, saves Veronica from being held hostage from one of Mars‟ men, drives off with Veronica when they coolly and straight up tell each other they are in love. They then meet Eddie at his house and corner him, interrogate him and shoot him for the combination of all his crimes. Theme  Women living in America with power o In the workplace o Still considered a sex symbol o All throwing themselves at Marlowe o Hinting language o Short outfits for the majority of working omen in the movie o If not short than tight in a spot to accentuate the hour glass figure Motifs  Women in the workplace o Taxi driver o Secretary o Store clerk Cinematography (Two key moments and shots)  Scene: When Brody gets shot. The Camera is from Marlowe‟s perspective, so you can only see Brody opening the door and raise his hands slightly to show his defeat. There are then two gun shots and Brody is dead. This camera angle is visually appealing because it gives the shot mystery as to who the shooter is but still allows the audience to see the terrified and shocked side view of Brody and how his body contracts and disfigures when he gets shot and collapses against the wall.  Scene: When Marlowe drives Vivian home from the party. The camera angle is majority 180 degree shot so you can constantly see their faces. It is a medium close up shot in order to see close up facial expression. The contrast between their kiss directly before the hostile interrogation about Mars is clearly displayed by the medium close up because you can see the major contrast in expressions. Medium close up over Marlowe‟s shoulder; She instantly goes from happy, devious, relieved, sensual to angry, offended, caught and aggravated. Soundtrack Non Diegetic  Opening Sequence: Dark, intense, moody music  First Scene in Mansion: Climbing music until they met in the garden  Library: Questionable character comes into the scene; curious, questionable, creepy music  Searching, climbing, climactic music; looking for something  Sad and curious music while trying to find out about Mona and Eddie Mars. Diegtic  In the street the detective hears thunder ; Pathetic fallacy o Represents how he can‟t find what he is looking for and is getting let down o Tells audience that something bad is about to happen; finds Vivian drugged  The input sound when people get punched or kicked My Man Godfrey 10/2/2012 3:38:00 PM Setting: 1930-1940s era, depression High-end New York vs. Low Class dumpster living. Irene‟s house; extravagant, over the top. A lot of pearls, furs, fancy day clothes. Characters: 1. Molly: Jean Dixon 2. Irene: Carole Lombard 3. Cornelia: Gail Patrick 4. Ms. Bullock: Alice Brady 5. Godfrey: William Powell Plot Points 1. Irene meets Godfrey. Her and her sister got o the dumpster to show off the „forgotten man‟ for their scavenger hunt. He wants to beat Cornelia in order to spend excess time with Irene and allows her to take him in order to win. 2. Family argument in the living room. With all the bickering about money and the family causing trouble in town, there is a slight pleasant encounter between Irene and Godfrey. He brings the food into the room and she offers to help him one time. The difference in class is slightly minimized by the way she offers to help and says she would like to. Directly eliminated by the way Cornelia addresses him as a piece of trash from the dump.  Godfrey walks in while the man is mimicking a gorilla  He looks at them as though they are crazy  He is personally rich which the family is physically rich 3. Irene kisses Godfrey than goes invites herself into his room; She walks into the living room with the entire family and claims, “who cares where the flowers are placed when my heart is breaking.”  Over dramatization of Irene talking about how food doesn‟t matter and nothing matters  After being rejected by Godfrey  Then goes on trying to get his attention by rejecting food from his serving (Tea Party) 4. Tea Party; The man who knows Godfrey from Harvard creates a story about how they know each other in order to hide the truth from the Bullock‟s family. The man claims Godfrey was his butler and had to leave him for his wife and five children. This news leads Irene to facilitate an engagement to a man at her party.  Godfrey congratulating Irene leads her to become upset and run away from her party 5. The Maids room; When Irene and the maid establish they are both in love with Godfrey. The construction of the scene shows how they begin on different social status and then as they realize they are similar in feelings they become on the same plain, upset and standing, hugging each other. Discussing how he is the „meanest man ever‟ because he doesn‟t display his affection towards either of them. 6. Cornelia calls the police on a missing necklace. Attempting to frame Godfrey for the stolen necklace. Mentions how they don‟t know him well enough to know whether he would do something like that or not. Police go to search Godfrey‟s room in order to find the pearls. Hints to the police to look under the mattress where she hid them from everyone.  Cornelia gets caught trying to frame him  Irene laughs at Cornelia for losing her own necklace in his room. 7. Irene willingly offers to help Godfrey dry dishes. She explains to him how, “when I closed my eyes the waiter was Godfrey and all the food tasted better.” Confesses how she feels about him in a backward sense. Godfrey tells her how he likes her very much, he tells her how recently he had been trying to do things that would impress her.  Tells Irene he thinks its time for him to move on  Irene finds out he was never married and doesn‟t have children  Irene fakes a spell in order to prevent Godfrey from going with Cornelia  Picks her up and puts her in the shower because he knows she is faking her spell  His concern for her shows her that he cares about her too 8. Alexander Bullock tells the family they are broke. Tells them that if he went to jail it would be the first peace he got in years. Godfrey bought a stock in their name to make sure they didn‟t loose all their money. Used the money from the pearls that Cornelia framed him with in order to trade them for the stock and keep them rich. Tells the family how he learned from each of them.  Alexander taught him patience  Cornelia taught him humility and pride  Ms. Bullock provided him entertainment  The entire family cries over how he has left their family to move on 9. Godfrey leaves the family for the business with his friend from college. The business gives food, shelter and jobs to the homeless people from the dump. Tells his friend that he began feeling things for Irene so he quit. Irene follows him to the business and sees how he now runs a business in order to help his friends from the dump (personally rich). The friend ensures that Godfrey talks to Irene. Enters his office only to show him how she‟s moving in and treating it as her home.  Man walks in and Irene asks him to marry them
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