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William Bill Quinton

Geography Part I General model of atmosphere: composition, temperature, and function Principle substance of atmosphere is AIR (mix of gases, odourless, and colourless)  Exosphere: outer sphere beyond atmosphere, less dense  Air Pressure: force per unit area of atmosphere  Homosphere: below hetrosphere extending altitude of 80 km to Earth’s surface  Hetrosphere: outer atmosphere in terms of composition  Thermosphere: upper limit of thermosphere  Thermopause: upper limit of thermosphere  Kinetic Energy: energy of motion  Mesosphere: layer from 50-80 km above Earth  Stratosphere: 18-50 km from Earth’s surface  Troposhere: final layer encountered Earth REVOLVES around sun, and ROTATES on its axis Sub-solar point: Position where sun is directly overhead migrates between Capricorn and Caner Angle of axis rotation is staggered 23.5, without the tilt of Earth there would be no seasons Earth at Equinox: spread of daylight is even Earth at Summer Solstice: 24 hrs. light and 24 hrs. darkness in southern pole Summer Solstice: 23.5 N Winter Solstice: 23.5 S Short waves, and Long waves I=T+A+0 t- transmission, a- ab
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