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Final Exam Note Lectures 1-19, Video 1

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GG102 Jan 410March3110106 AMWhat is Human GeographyStudy of the spatial organization of human activity and of peoples relationship with their environmentsWhere people liveWhat they do thereHow people are connectedHow they influence the world Basic Concepts for Human GeographyLocationPlaceRegionDistanceScale What is Location2 elementsoNominal the name of a placeoAbsolute precise description eg Latitude and longitudeWhat is a placeHas significance What is a RegionA largersized territory that encompasses many places all or most of which share similar attributes in comparison with the attributes of places elsewhere p 26 What is DistanceAbsolute distancemeasurementRelative distancethe friction of distance degree of difficultyoThe effects of distance on peoples behaviour can be charted The farther people have to travel the less likely they are to do so Patterns of Spatial DiffusionExpansionRelocationhierarchical What is ScaleMap ScaleThe idea that there are multiple levels of interaction local regional national globalThat are linkedProcesses at one scale can have significance at other scales What are the main concepts used by geographers GG102 Jan 610March3110113 AMFive historical periodsshifts distinguished by increased social exchanges and geographical scopePrehistoric 10000 to 3500 BCEAgriculture about 10000 BCEsurplus in foodPremodern period 3500 BCE 1500 CEoInvention of wheel and writingoAge of EmpireEarly Modern Period 15001750oEurocentric drive to globalizationoLed to capitalist word systemModernityachieving universal form of morality and low and liberating rational modes of thought and social organization from perceived irrationalities of myth religion and political tyranny David HarveySpace of HopeFeatures of globalizationCompressionInterconnectednessSocial relationsMixture of political and economic influencesSwift and relatively unimpeded flows PC Usage in 2007oSweden 81oSouth Korea 81oUS 80oCanada 76oBrazil 44 Globalization opponentsLower wagesincreased competitionHigher unemploymentLower standardsWeaker governmentFewer social programsless protection Globalization proponentsBetter accessIncreased competitionCheaper goods and servicesLower taxesBetter mobility for workers
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