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Robert Sharpe

Final Study Sheets - Cartography Session 2 1) Medieval maps are all about: Answer (worldviews, symbolism, and power) 2) This type of map is known as a: Answer (Mappa Mundi) 3) What is the approximate date of the Hereford Mappa Mundi? Answer (1300 AD) 4) Which letter on the map represents Jerusalem? Answer (A) 5) Which of the following have been major influences in the development of cartography? Answer (Technological Innovations, Personalities, & Symbolic Representations) Session 3 1) What kind of maps were used by Vikings? Answer (They didn’t use maps) 2) Who was the central figure in the Great Trigonometric Survey? Answer (Lambton, Everest & Mackenzie) 3) This map, of Dieppe, France in the 18 century, was created by? Answer (Cassini) 4) Which of these places does “staking a claim” give as an important instance of Europeans (1683) imposing order on the landscape through surveying and mapping? Answer (Philadelphia) 5) During what period of cartographic history was this map first created? Answer (Islamic) 6) This diagram illustrates a surveying technique known as? Answer (Triangulation) 7) What spatial property is least distorted by using the projection shown on this map? Answer (Direction) 8) When were Ptolemy’s gazetteer and map created? Answer (150) 9) The Great Trigonometric Survey of…? Answer (India) Session 4 1) What purpose do maps serve? Answer (Navigation, Measurement, & Visualization) 2) Which of the maps below has the largest cartographic scale? Answer (D) 3) Map X has a scale of 1: 7 000 000. Select a scale below that would best describe the Map Y: Answer (1: 2 000 000) 4) What properties are accurately represented on this cartogram? Answer (Topology) 5) How is a scale best represented on a digital map? Answer (a graphic scale bar) 6) Which of the following is the larger cartographic scale, 1:50,000 or 1:5,000? Answer (1:5,000) 7) Are a scale and locational coordinates needed on all navigation maps? Answer (No) 8) What would be the most appropriate scale to map a city the size of KW on poster-sized surface? Is it A) 1:10,000,000 B) 1:1,000,000 C) 1:100,000 D) 1:10,000? Answer (C) 9) What type of map would be most appropriate if we wanted geographic coordinates of a particular location? Answer (Topgraphic) Session 6 1) What is the longitude of the Prime Meridian? Answer (0) 2) As the scale of a map gets larger, objects on the map become more generalized. Answer (False) 3) If a map has a scale of 1:50,000, what distance is represented by 5cm on the map? Answer (2,500 metres) 4) What is the sign (+ or -) of a value of longitude when the location is west of the prime meridian and north of the equator? Answer (- negative) 5) What are the geographic coordinates of Laurier in terms of longitude and latitude? Answer (-80, 31’43” + 43,28’27”) 6) The most a
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