GG102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Contour Line, Cultural Geography, Language Family

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5 Jul 2016

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Places geographic setting with distinctive physical, social and cultural attributes. Human geography study off spatial organization of human activity. Physical geography earth"s natural processes & their outcomes. Express particular interpretations of the world reflect the power of people who are able to draw them up. The design of maps, e. g what they omit, include & portrayal of content reflects experiences, interpretations and intentions of their authors. Topographic maps maps designed to represent the form of earth"s surface, show permanent features (buildings, highways, field boundaries and political boundaries) Contour line used to represent the surface of the earth. Thematic maps maps that are designed to represent the spatial dimensions of particular conditions and processes. Isopleth (isoline) map which uses lines that connects places of equal data value (e. g precipitation) Proportional symbol map that uses circles, squares, spheres or some other shape to depict the frequence of an occurring phenomenon.

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