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Review for Final This review includes everything from the first midterm to the final that was covered in lecture

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Global Studies
Alex Latta

Globalization and CultureCulture meaning and identity reciprocal functions of sharing and not sharing cultural normsGlobalization of culture intensification and expansion of cultural flows across the globe o Flows through migration tourism education cuisine art and mediaMcdonaldization o American capital flows represented in transnational corporations such as coke form the outlets for a cultural colonization of the globe o Real possibility of American cultural dominance o Steger optimistic hyper globalizers and pessimistic hyper globalizers Role of global media everything has become the same no more independent record labels book stores or newspapersCultural hybridization crossing of two distantly related strains to produce a new thing with the best properties from bothWorld culture of governance o World culture sets the stage for the formation of global institutions these institutions provide new layers onto world culture o Shared practices of negotiation and cooperation help translate shared concerns values and expectations into concrete institutional formsInternational criminal court o International law applies to individuals
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