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Wilfrid Laurier University
Global Studies
Timothy Clark

GS101 Winter 2013 Mock Midterm 1. The type of economic doctrine during the 16th to 18th centuries which fuelled imperialism and the need for territorial expansion: a. Capitalism b. Atlantic Slave Trade c. Mercantilism d. Neoliberalism 2. According to Steger, Osama Bin Laden’s videotaped statements following the 9/11 attacks reveal what about globalization? a. Globalization is the inevitable process of Westernization being resisted by local and tribal forces b. Even those who resist Westernization and modernization are unable to remove themselves from the process of globalization c. Technological globalization is the most significant component of globalization d. Globalization has created a global imaginary where people feel that they belong to a global community. e. All of the above 3. Which form of government advocates complete involvement in the state’s economy? a. Socialism b. Welfare Liberalism c. Conservatism d. Classical Liberalism 4. People living in various parts of the world are affected in different ways by globalization. This reveals that: a. Globalization is an uneven process b. A global imaginary has developed where people feel they belong to a global community c. Most current borders are irrelevant due to global economic, political, cultural and environmental interconnections d. Globalization involves a process of hybridization- the mixing of different cultural forms e. Both a and c 5. The justification for colonization through the social darwinist perspective that Europeans have advanced and developed into a superior race is called: a. Racial Superiority b. White Man's Burden c. Ethnic Superiority d. Civilizing Effect 6. US President Woodrow Wilson was committed to the nation-state system, however he also advocated for another global situation. What was it? a. for the leaders in other countries to follow his actions and lead their countries with Wilson’s ideas b. to establish a global system of collective security c. to create a group of the world’s leading superpower countries in order to help guide and better build developing countries d. none of the above 7. Which of the following descriptions best describes the difference between state and government? a. The government creates and passes laws while the state is the body that enforces the laws passed by government b. The government is comprised of political institutions covering a certain territory and population while the state is the legal bodies that create laws c. The state has one leader while there are many leaders of the government d. The state is comprised of political institutions covering a certain territory and population and the government is the legal bodies that create laws 8. The concept that increased economic growth does not necessarily mean an increase in standards of living is: a. Malthusian Trap b. Market-Dependency c. Market-Perspective d. Mitterrand U-Turn 9. Which of the following is NOT an assertion implied by globalization? a. 18 Century modern nationalism is disappearing b. We have not reached postmodern globality c. A universalizing Western civilization is battling forces of nationalism, localism and tribalism d. We are moving towards postmodern globality 10.An example of trade liberalization can be thought to include: a. The establishment of a tariff designed to protect domestic industries b. The subsidization of agriculture by government actors c. The development of a preferential trade agreement between a state and an NGO. d. The signing of a free trade agreement between two regional blocs 11.Welfare liberalism is the combination of which two ideologies: a. Conservatism and liberalism b. Socialism and liberalism c. Socialism and conservatism d. Conservatism, liberalism, and socialism 12.With much of the world colonized by Europe, the heightened competition among European powers resulted in what phenomenon? a. Cutting the Cake b. Scramble for Africa c. Civilizing Effect d. Mercantilism 13.Which of the following is not an act that is performed by the state? a. To collect taxes and patrol borders b. To create the rules and how the rules are governed c. To make decisions on issues of war d. To determine languages, cultures and customs 14.The conservative ideology maintains that society is larger than collective individuals and should always be actively involved in culture, economy, and education. These two terms are: a. A non-organic view of society and a negative role for the state b. An organic view of society and a negative role for the state c. A non-organic view of society and a positive role for the state d. An organic view of society and a positive role for the state 15.According to Steger, globalization can be best defined as: a. The expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world-time and world-space b. An enlargement of world communica
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