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GS101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Glocalization, Canadian Identity, Land Grabbing

Global Studies
Course Code
Timothy Clark
Study Guide

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Global Studies
Week 12, Lecture 2
Final Exam Review
Readings for final exam
Discussion of Climate Change
..Global Culture: Sameness of Difference
o Hyper Globalizaers, Optimist, Pessimist
Assessing Globalization
Environment (discussion of tragedy of the commons, oil, climate change optimism vs pessimism)
Human Rights (realizing Human Rights, Human Rights Law, NGO’S, Womens Human Rights)
Development (Aid vs Development, Rival Concepts, Three Waves of Development)
**Review Manning Article for Essay Question
For exam will want to know dates and facts in order to answer short answer and essay.
Nothing from the first half!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!
Review Topics
National vs Ecological Citizenship
Anthropocentrism vs Biocentrism
o Thoughts revolve around people, view centered human beings, or thoughts revolve
around planet as a living thing, view that we are a part of something bigger than us).
Preserve and maintain the planetBiocentrism,
Malthusian Trap
o Define, how did we escape and what were the consequences of our escape?
Market Based Solutions to Climate Change
o carbon tax, what are merits and what are shortcomings, Cap-and-Trade vs. Carbon Tax
Three theories of Cultural Globalization
o Homogenization
Optimistic (Fukyama) and Pessimistic (argue this is cultural imperialism being
pushed by USA-McDonaldization), Glocalization (challenge idea of
homogenization, creates hybrid cultures) and Glocommodification- all cultures
are still being controlled by large national corporations
Race and Early Immigration Policy
o Colonial Settlement and Pre-1960 Policy
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