Review for Final This review includes everything from the first midterm to the final that was covered in lecture

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16 Oct 2011

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Globalization and Culture:
Culture: meaning and identity, reciprocal functions of sharing and not
sharing cultural norms
Globalization of culture: intensification and expansion of cultural flows
across the globe
o Flows through migration, tourism, education, cuisine, art, and media
o American capital flows, represented in transnational corporations
such as coke, form the outlets for a cultural colonization of the globe
o Real possibility of American cultural dominance
o Steger: optimistic hyper globalizers and pessimistic hyper globalizers
Role of global media: everything has become the “same” no more
independent record labels, book stores, or newspapers
Cultural hybridization: crossing of two distantly related strains to produce a
new thing with the best properties from both
World culture of governance
o World culture sets the stage for the formation of global institutions,
these institutions provide new layers onto world culture
o Shared practices of negotiation and cooperation help translate shared
concerns, values, and expectations into concrete institutional forms
International criminal court
o International law applies to individuals in cases of genocide, crimes
against humanity, war crimes, and crime of aggression
o Illustrates dynamic and contested nature of world culture
Global War on Terror:
Terrorism: no universal definition, difficult on how broad or how narrow to
define terrorism
o Canada’s anti terrorism Act: act that is committed for political,
religious or ideological purposes and with the intention of
intimidating the public or a segment of the public with regard to its
security that intentionally causes death or serious bodily harm
o US patriot Act: an act dangerous to human life that is a violation of the
criminal laws of a state or the united states if the act appears to be
intended to; intimidate a civilian, influence the policy of a government
by intimidation, to affect the conduct of a government by mass
A terrorist is: an entity that has as one of its purposes or activities facilitating
or carrying out any terrorist activity
o Refers to struggle in general
o Struggle of independent reasoning
Islamic ethics of war
o Harm to innocent children, civilians, and elderly. Destruction to
animals and the environment
o Islamic legal thought is that suicide is a sin
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