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Alicia Mc Kenzie

1032012 82700 AM Rome The Flawed ColossusRome fell in 476CEProblems started long before Serious structural flaws in the empireMany wonder why Rome lasted so long Communication between provinces and states was a major problem during this time The Rhine and the Danube were the two major rivers which helped support the Roman Empire Roman Empires Structural FlawsDistance and CommunicationDependence on CivitasUnit Municipality good idea because local leaders are able to rule better than leaders all the way back in RomeExpense of the Armyarmy was so large it was hard to support such a large group of unproductive members of society Complex and abuseprone taxation systemDecurions Municipal councilors who collect taxes for their provinces If they are not able to collect enough money they must pay with their ownDominance of Aristocracy in the WestRural patronage patrocinium Too many frontiersThe ThirdCentury CrisisThe Germanic people were crossing the Danube and the RhineRomans are driven NorthThe entire frontier system was starting to break down Hyperinflation Debasement of CoinagePolitical FragmentationGallic Empire 260273Diocletian d311 and the Tetrarchy FourEmperor system2 Seniors Augusti 2 juniors Caesarswas supposed to be 4 rulers clinging to each other to rule Took provincial authority and divided them making them smallerEdict on Prices Attempted to stop inflation by creating a maximum price for itemsConstantine d337 and the FourthCentury EmpireChristian Convert first Christian emperor of RomeKilled people who werent loyal enemies familyConstantinople 330 creates a Christian city which is named after himselfAllows him to reward those most loyal to him with positions within the city Makes his sons and nephews Caesars Freezing of society makes everyone by law stay in the same occupation and status by which they were born creates social turmoil After Constantine Multiple empires through Constantines sonsJulian the Apostate 361363 attempted to repaganize the empireTheodosius I 379395 Once he had the empire he was not willing to share powerConverted the entire empire to Christianity In this sign you will conquer Constantine and ChristianityClassical Religion PolytheismPatron deitiesMystery Cults Isis MithrasRoman state cult and social order worshipped the divine leaders in RomePrime MoverAn Illegal ReligionProblematic Theology Eucharist Cannibalism Apocalyptic IdeasNature of Christ st Nero 1 Century AD Tacitus hatred of the human racend Trajan 2 Century AD Pliny secret crimes Conversion ExperiencesEmpire 10 Christian by 300ADReasons for Christian growthAttraction to martyrsThirdcentury crisis People needed help and sought out GodUrban population densitySocial networksThe Great PersecutionDiocletianLactantius the 299 divination at Antioch Christians could not be members of the Roman army Edicts of persecutionMartyrdom Galerius 311 edict of tolerationfirst emperor to realize that Christianity could not be wiped out completely and made the best of the situation by making Christians pray for the good of the empireConstantine and MilanThe secret Christian theoryBattle of the Milvian Bridge 312Version 1 was told in a dream before a battle that told him if he wanted to win he must put the cross on his soldiers shieldsVersion 2 had a conversion event of the battlefield and saw the cross in the sunEdict of Milan 313 Christian is legalized for the first time Other religions should be respected as well
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