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HI114 Problems in U.S. History

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Darren Mulloy

Problems in US History 9112012 125000 PM Prof Darren Mulloy dmulloywlucaCourse RequirementsParticipation in tutorials15 ththth Book Assignments20Due Oct 16 Nov 6 Nov 27Essays30Final Exam35 TurnitincomClass ID 5211254 Enrollment Password problemsThe Salem Witch huntAccused by PuritansPuritans people who leave England between 16201640 because they believed England was morally corruptThey hoped to set up a new religious community They wanted the community to be an example to the church back in EnglandBrought back from the old world the belief in witchcraft and witches Witchcraft and its HistoryFor much of the churchs history the church and witchcraft lived in harmony th In the 12 century the church takes a hard stand against weeding out witches and witchcraft Malleus Maleficarum Hammer the WitchesBy Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich Kramer 1487Summary of knowledge about witchesThe State must act WitchcraftWomenthth Prior to the 15 and 16 Century Witches were regarded as Evil but were not yet seen as a threat to ChristianityThe witches eventually became and organized threat to the church ththin the 15 and 16 century Between 1450 and 1750 between 50000 and 9000000 people were put to death for having performed witchcraftTop minds such as Isaac Newton and John Locke believed in witchcraft They believed their were two worlds one we could see and touch and one that was invisible and unable to reach They saw it possible to pass from the invisible world to the real world Three types of MagicWhite Magic for good Black Magic evil purposesMaleficium 1Death and serious injury 2Minor injuries and mishaps 3Animals4The weather 5The reproductive process 6Nocturnal Visits 7Jobs and Domestic Processes 8Other Powers flying mindreading invisibility A pact with the Devil using magic to serve Satin and his purposes Why Human reasons greed anger envy jealousyPact with the devil helping the devil overthrow God on earth How 1 Look touch curse 2 Animal Familiars supernatural creatures taking the form of an animalwhich feed off the blood of the witch3 Image Magic voodoo dolls Possession the evidence of someone fighting against a witch or the devilHow to catch a Witch th Not an easy thing in the 17 century The Evidence 1 Spectral visions able to identify their tormenters2 Confession the best evidence 3 Physical search for dolls books of spells potions and recipes4 The Devils mark the mark the Devil puts on you when you sign yourself over to him 5 The Witchs teat a bit of extraneous flesh which the Devil used to suck the witchs blood Blood was seen as the thing which carried the soul so it is where the Devil sucks out the witchs soul6 Water Ordeal Witchs float because water rejects her because she rejects twice7 Praying Badly If she could not recite the Lords Prayer 8 Not crying Could not cry because theyve rejected Gods love 9 Laying of Hands10Attending Church When people did not attend church regularly they were suspected of being a witch 11Though shalt not suffer a witch to liveThe Procedure A Complaint
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