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Darryl Dee

History 123 1022013 75300 AM Day One Dr Darryl DeeDAWB 4142 hours 24 Tuesdays and thursdaysrent iClickerInfernoquizzes at 10 of the grade midterm is on october 15th20 of final grade term essay on studied booksix to eight pages long due at the end of class on tuesday october 29th late papers have a penalty it is 3 from the essay no papers accepted after november 8th35 of the course gradeChicago style final exam based on everything held in the entire term35Ten Great Battles 1 battle of Thermopylae took place 480 BC saw the famous last stand of 300 spartans against the persian army and lasted three dayswas a minor incident in the second persian invasion of Greece 2 Agincourt on october 25th in 1415 an english army of 6000 led my king henry the 5th stoodand fought against the french army the english won against the larger french armythe victory was achieved from their ability to use the famous long bow3battle of lepanto on october 7th 1571 a spanish and italian fleet came into collision as the largest battle of the 16th century and defeated the fleet of the ottoman turks off the coast of GreeceLepanto was the last of the galley battlesboats represents a clash between to religious empires struggling for possession of the Mediterranean 4 Japan in the 16th century Battle of Nagashino on the 28th of june 1575 chronic civil war broke outjapanese warfare will always be associated with the samari but during the 15th and 16th century historians have a theory of a military revolution and japan embraced the firearm of a musket and by the late 16th century the japanese were farther along in military technology than the britishin the early 17th century the japanese give up fire arms5 The battle of Waterloo fought in Belgium in 1815 june 28thclash between Napoleon emperor of the french and Arthur Wellesley duke of wellington 6 the Battle of Gettysburg july 3rd 1863 the most important battle of the american civil war three day battle that to this day is the bloodiest battle ever fought on North American soil what was the effect of this battle7The Battle of Somme july 1916 World War 1 the british army tried to raid the western this was the bloodiest day in the history of the british army they lost twenty thousand dead before canadian involvement except for one unit from the colony of new foundland and did not survive with the highest casualty rate the reason for such a high casualty rate is do to the advance in military8 Battle of Kursk july 5th23 of august 1943 ranked one of the largest battle in history of germans against russia taking place in central russia one of the most important battle fought against nazis even though it does not get much recognition and also have various myths it represents a titanic clash of hitlerand communists9 A Royal Air Force Lancaster bombing over Hamburg during operation Gomorrah on july 24th until august 1st10 Tet Offensive january to may of 1968vietcong launched an attack against the south and the americansthe vietcong were finished as a military force and were defeated due to this battle this was the final step in the American withdraw of VietnamThe Greek Way of War 1022013 75300 AM I The Most Famous Last Stand in HistoryII the Greek Defenders The Greek way of war hoplites and phalanxes Four Key Characteristics of Greek Warfare The SpartansIII The Persian Invaders The Persian Empire The Persian Imperial Army archers cavalry immortals Persian Strengths and WeaknessesIV The Persians against the Greeks Origins of Conflictthe First Persian Invasion of Greece the Miracle of MarathonI the battle of Thermopylae a hill in GreeceGreece was being attacked by the worlds first massive super powerthe way that scientists can justify the location from the mass amount of arrow heads found at the hill siteII 800 bc200 bcthe Greeks had expanded and colonized across the Middle East and there were roughly 1000 citystates that were occupied by these peopleGreeks would call nonGreeks barbarians due to the language that they spoke as long as they did not speak or practice the culture of Greek Athens and Sparta were power hungry and were the strongest powers Sparta was the most feared military powerthese two states spent most of their time fighting each other the Greek style of warfare was based on heavily armoured men engaging in hand to hand combatThe Greek way of war hoplites and phalanxes
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