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Milo Sweedler

LL200 Lecture Notes Test 3The Means and Ends of the French RevolutionThe ancient regimethth 1518 century Monarchy ruled by one monarchking most centralizedAristocracyoligarchy rule of the elite king queen prince princess dukesduchesses CLICKER Oligarchy ruled by the rich Democracy ruled by the peopleAbsolute Monarchy ancient regime was an absolute monarchy which isMonarch in power doesnt share the power in anyway AbsolutismIn my person alone lies that sovereign power whose very nature is the spirit of counsel justice and reason From me alone the courts receive their existence and authority The fullness of this authority which they exercise in my name only remains permanently vested in me and its use can never be turned against me Legislative power is mine alone without subordination or divisionLouis XV 1766Louis XVIKing of France 177491King of the French 179192 one year as citizen king in constitutional monarchy MarieAntoinetteQueen of France 177491 of the French 179192Archduchess of AustriaDaughter of Empress Maria Theresa put end to vampire controversy and Emperor FrancisCallous foreigner not understanding of peoples needs extremely youngSituation in France in 1780sRise of Enlightenment ideals Reason as opposed to superstitionRationality Universal equality social political economic Freedom of religion FESTIVAL OF REASON the central figure was a statue wearing a Phrygian CAP Situation cont Poor Grains harvest due to extreme weather el nino Increased Prices Hunger and malnutritionPeople had nothing to lose with changing the order of the hierarchyMarieAntoinetteLet them eat cakeSituation in France in 1780sEnormous national debt economic hardshipCommon enemy the British gave money to the Americans instead of fighting directly leaving France extremely poor5 May 1789 Louis XVI calls an assembly of the Estates GeneralTo figure out solution to debt crisisThe Estates GeneralFirst estate clergy less than 1 of the population church Second Estate nobility less than 2Third Estate commoners more than 97 views were not recognized CLICKERWith 23 representation by the clergy and the nobility the Estates General upholds the interests of the elite and supports the crown Recipe for discontent with the third estate Joseph Sieyes creates a pamphlet saying What is the Third Estate EverythingWhat has it been until now in the political order Nothing 17 June 1789 the third Estate proclaims itself the National AssemblyOath to band together until they form together in a new government People crossed class lines to join with the third estate Took place in a tennishandball court 14 July 1789 Parisians attack the Bastille Attack on prison completely destroying itPeople demonstrating their power Became national French holidayFirst time Revolution is used in sense we think of today 26 August 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and CitizenIncredibly important document National Assembly said centuries of oppression are now goneLay down the law that all males are equal before God to freedom religious political and land
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