LY101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The New Jim Crow, Jeremy Bentham, Informed Consent

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13 Mar 2017

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Important developments in legal rights of indigenous people. They signed it but did not ratify it. Study the facts in front of you, develop a cumulative study of how society works. Enlightenment = progress: key thinkers (mostly liberals) Influenced by 19th century fascination with natural sciences. Rested on idea of enlightenment ideas of progress and improvement. Empiricism: theory corresponds to immediately observable facts: positivism is a critique of natural law. And natural right: positivists: study social issues like we do science. Objective = factual (not subjective) knowledge > reason over emotions. *only know what we can immediately observe. Observation, testing, eventually we can perfect social institutions, like law. Preached progressive, unilinear (developing or arranged serially and predictably, without deviation) idea of human development: bentham: positivist utilitarianism, durkheim: society like a living organism, don"t dig deeper into underlying structures and conflicts that may shape the facts . Enforcing capitalist relations of inequality and exploitation.

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