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Patricia O' Reilly

Exam Review Criminal Law-2 Midterm Exam Chapter 5 What is objective liability? Offences involving criminal negligence Unlawful act manslaughter Elevated standard of care What did Justice McLachlin state in the Creighton case 1993 Marked departure test Why is a uniform standard of conduct in the test for objective liability offences imposing objective liability Dangerous driving Careless driving What is the difference between mere carelessness and criminal negligence manslaughter Cases Creighton Scc1993 Tutton and Tutton SCC1989 Hundal SCC1993 Reed SCC1998 Offences of: Unlawfully causing bodily harm Assault causing bodily harm Criminal negligence Criminal code sections imposing special standard of case 2 examples in text of S216CCC and S 79 and S 86(1) CCC Chapter 6 True crimes versus regulatory offences –difference Distinction between absolute and strict liability in the context of regulatory offences Sault Ste. Marie Facts Decision What is the half way house approach? The 3 categories of offences since the Sault Ste. Marie Case (1978) Chapter 7 -various modes of participation in a criminal offence -actually committing an offence -actus reus of aiding and abetting Cases
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