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LY205 Study Guide - Euthanasia, Mens Rea, Actus Reus

Law & Society
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Patricia O' Reilly

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Review for First Mid Term Professor O’Reilly Fall 2012 Criminal Law
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 only are on this examination as well as all material covered in
lectures including dvds if shown. THIS IS A CLOSED BOOK EXAMINATION.
Chapter 1
Definition of a crime 2
Indictable offence
Hybrid offence
Distinction between true crimes and regulatory offences 2-4
What are public law and private law concerned with? 4
Importance of Margarine Reference case 5
Substantive criminal law what is it? 6
Criminal procedure definition 6
Understand what happened in the Chatterjee case 9
Common law
Contempt of court 10
The Oakes test, proportionality and in the Thomson Newspaper case decision 13-
Chapter 2
The 3 elements of actus reus 22
Analysis of actus reus in the crime of assault 22
What does the Crown have to establish in an offence under section 335(1)? 26
Buckingham case 27
Toews case 27
Legal duty- The Browne case 32
What legally are the “necessaries of life”- know the definition and what it
includes- at what age does a parent(s) responsibilities end? 33-4
Is there a duty to rescue? Does this vary by province? Know this section 37
The need for actus reus and mens rea to coincide- know the Newell case 38-9
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