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Laurier SOS: Students Offering Support MA103 – Calculus I Final Exam-AID Teaching Package Raising Marks, Raising Money, Raising Roofs Laurier SOS: Students Offering Support Preface: This document is directed to SOS MA103 tutors at Wilfrid Laurier University as a guide to their tutoring sessions. It has been created with regard to the Fall 2009 course and is subject to change for future courses. If tutors have any problems or questions, feel free to contact the course coordinator at [email protected] References: 1. “Calculus Early Transcendentals,thEdition” 2. MA103 course Website: Contents Common Exam Topics Eleven similar questions to that expected to be on the exam, and a solution following Raising Marks, Raising Money, Raising Roofs Laurier SOS: Students Offering Support Common Exam Topics 1. L’Hospital’s Rule (usually with trigonometric functions). 2. Using implicit differentiation. 3. A. Stating the Fundamental Theory of Calculus, either the first, second, or both. B. Using one of the Fundamental Theories of Calculus (only sometimes on the exam, this is usually used in other questions. 4. Solving integrals using substitution. 5. Using the Intermediate Value Theorem and Rolle’s Theorem and using linearization to approximate. 6. Finding absolute extrema, critical values, intervals of monotonicity, internals of concavity and any inflection points of a function. 7. Evaluation integrals involving trigonometric functions, natural logs, or e. 8. Using integration by parts then finding the area between a curve and the x-axis. 9. Evaluating integrals using partial fractions. 10.Using partial derivatives with functions of several variables. 11.Finding critical points, relative extrema and saddle points of a multivariable function, using the second derivative test to justify your conclusion.
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