NO110 Exam (Main Ideas to Know)

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North American Studies
Kevin Spooner

Canadian Studies Tutorial 4/16/2013 12:56:00 PM Exam:  April 17th  2/4 questions to be answered  must have a thesis  looking for examples from the course – lectures, films, readings, etc  refer to the names of the authors… WEEK ONE VanKirk:  Marrying in/out, status of native  First nations women were important in the foundation of Canada  Race and gender… she states that they matter Kaye:  Idea of historiography  Meta narratives  Innis vs. turner  Canada: based on resources  US: based on frontiers Club native….  Should I marry outside my culture and what does that mean to who I am WEEK TWO Rhodes:  Transnationalism and national identity Walcott:  Mary Ann Shadd Cary is still relevant  She believed in integration not segregation  She comes with an idealism today Speakers of the dead…  Erasure of black history  Cemetery into baseball yard WEEK THREE Marr:  We need to look at Chinese Canadian documents/sources  They were not victims, they were agents  Had control over their own destinies Chui:  Social trends WEEK FOUR Jessup:  Government funding art  Create the national identity  Group of seven created for mass consumption Moray:
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