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North American Studies
Kevin Spooner

North American Studies 110 CANADIAN STUDIES: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES Essay Instructions Instructions • The essay must be 1750 words (double spaced, 12 point font, approximately 7 pages). • You must choose a topic that critically examines some aspect of the Canadian experience (contemporary or historical). The choice of topic is up to you, but you should consult with your Tutorial Leader at some point during the term to confirm that you have chosen a suitable and ‘workable’ subject to examine. Above all, your essay must be uniquely prepared for this course alone; DO NOT write an essay for NO110 that borrows -- even slightly -- from work you are preparing (or have prepared) for other courses. • You must document your sources using either MLA referencing, or foot/endnotes and a bibliography. Only one system of referencing can be used, and it must be used consistently and correctly. • The essay is due at the beginning of lecture (12:30 pm), Wednesday March 20 , 2013. • See the course syllabus for importa nt information relating to late penalties and plagiarism. The essay will NOT be considered to have been submitted until it has been uploaded to the MyLS assignment dropbox. Choosing a Topic First and foremost, pick a topic that compels you. You shou ld be working on this essay for the entire term, so selecting a subject that will sustain your interest is important. Many topics or essay ideas are broad at first and will need to be narrowed significantly to write a paper this size. For example, an essay on Canadian Immigration Policy could be approached from many directions. You might write an essay that focuses on the experience of a particular immigrant community. Or, you might examine the issue from a government policy perspective. And, you might limit the essay to a given time period. Remember that Canadian Studies is interdisciplinary, so you can write a paper from any number of disciplinary perspectives: History, Literature, Political Science, Sociology, etc. Better yet, you can combine disciplinar y perspectives by using research material from two or more disciplines. This is what is meant by ‘ interdisciplinarity’. Again, consult with your Tutorial Instructor if you have difficulty narrowing your topic. Consult the Canadian Encyclopedia online for background on possible topics ( Selecting Sources Your essay will only be as good as the research upon which it is based. Therefore, you must select your sources carefully. Use ONLY SCHOLARLY SOURCES . Use the internet very judiciously. You can find a great deal of useful information on the net: maps, statistics, government documents, scholarly articles, contemporary newspaper coverage of an historical topic, good quality encyclopedias, etc. The net also makes accessib le a considerable amount of garbage. If in doubt as to the validity or suitability of an internet source, consult with your Tutorial Leader. For a really good essay, use a variety of scholarly journal literature and scholarly books. You can be assured tha t books in the university library are scholarly; those in the public K. Spooner, NO110, Winter 2013 1 library or your own private library may
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