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Pattern Theories and The Proviso

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Byron Williston

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Pattern Theories and The Proviso Definition of pattern theories: Theories about the distribution of scarce resources that are future directed. Look towards the ideal future and ask if the distribution will lead to that. 3 Patterns - Utilitarianism - Moral Merit – is it the most virtuous people who have the resources? - Shoe Size How patterns are upset and are upset by liberty. T1 (time) T2 Equality - free choice - Inequality The only way to avoid this, you must restrict free choice, therefore it is wrong. The question: Isn’t Crosby entitles to all the money he now has? Why he’s not: 1) The poor need the money more than he does. The response: Maybe, but this does not justify stealing from him. Instead, try to persuade him to give to charity. 2) Crosby does not play alone, hundreds of people are responsible for his success. The response: these people have all agreed to be paid fair market-based compensation for their harbours. 3) Because Crosby is just lucky to have the talents he does, he does not “own” them at all. The response: this is a dangerous thought. The Proviso If my appropriation of a good makes anyone worse off than they would have been had I not acted the
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