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Amy HamiltonTed RichardsRob HolleystNovember 21 2013PP111 Knowledge and RealityAristotles EssentialismAristotle lists among the most influential philosophers of all time as he has become a primary source of where other philosophers stem new ideas through agreement or disagreement of his prior beliefs on such things as knowledge and reasonAlthough we discuss 2 of Aristotles main arguments in lecture the one I found to be more substantial was that in which he concludes that there is knowledge that cannot be known using the formsHis reasoning for this is mainly that Platos forms are unchanging and perfect so if we have change in an object which is an important part of the object itself ie that of a growing plant than the forms are not enough to give us knowledge of that thingThis creates a paradox to the idea of the forms and shows that they cannot account for all of our knowledge and so he needed to modify the forms to cover both changing and unchanging knowledge RichardsAs a result he gave us the idea of essential epistemology and the specific types of properties included in a certain things essenceHe came to this reasoning that if we move Platos idea of forms in to physical objects so that each specific object has a set of properties this can give us a clearer idea of how we come to know something through seeing what it entailsHe also further develops these properties as either essential properties in which they are necessary to understand the object or accidental properties in which they are part of the object but not necessary to
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