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PP230 Final: Lawrence Abbott What IS World Federalism Reading

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Craig Beam

Lawrence Abbott, World Federalism: What? Why? How? (Important Reading) 5000 years of failure o 90 million deaths from war in 20 century o Close to 100 wars big and small since 1945 o Nuclear disarmament is needed but future wars will still kill millions o 650 million being spent annually on armaments and maintaining military establishment worldwide o Brain Drain: scientists and engineers researching defence strategies instead of industry o Why do wars occur Conflicts of interest between 2 peoples Lack of effective peaceful machinery o US search for superiority in military strength has led to an arms race o BriandKellogg Peace pact of 1928 try and failed to prevent war o Balance of Power Principle If nations or groups of nations were evenly matched in military power, any nation would be reluctant to start a war since it could not be sure of winning Failed to prevent most devastating wars o League of nations and UN examples of nation led associations dedicated to the preservation of peace Have helped prevent and shorten some wars Unable to prevent nations whose vital interests are at stake from using military force Weakness Member nations of a league have the right to decide whether to accept the decision of the majority Nations can ignore the leagues resolutions or prevent it from exerting authority through veto The Alternative: Law Instead of War o War society because of a curious dichotomy in way world society is organized
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