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Wilfrid Laurier University
Political Science
Christopher Anderson

Political Violence Political Violence The use of physical force to affect power relations. War and terrorism are two main types of political violence. When you have power over something, it could be you influenced them, convinced them, forced them, and coerced them. The state can use authorized violence to maintain stability, the state entails political violence. Failed state means political violence is over (use violence to achieve power). Authoritarian regimes monopolize the use of force, it is institutionalized but not yet legitimate. Liberal democracy – legitimate use of monopolized political violence. Political violence and globalization: In the era of globalization, violence is now being used with the intent of legitimizing actions that during times of peace would be criminal. Violence is deployed as a means of restructuring economic relations. Most of contemporary violence is expedited or even promoted by globalization through the global economy, technology (internet/TV provide global audiences for terrorist events), increasing transfer of goods globally, etc. -removal of stabilizing features of the cold war, -societies subject to destabilizing forces of economic globalization – shift to identity-based mobilization -new con
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