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Political Science
Christopher Anderson

Types of Liberal/Democratic States The evolution of the liberal/democratic states is significant because these changes in state form reflect a reordering or rebalancing of power within society and, as such, indicate the parameters framing citizen participation in their own governance. Night Watchman State: th Marx (19 century) thought that the state was nothing more than “an executive committee of the whole bourgeoisie”. The state acted solely in the interests of capital. Participation in elections and the holding of public office were limited to property owners. On the surface, the „night watchman state‟, also called the laissez faire and minimalist state, appears passive but its effects on the majority of people were profound. There were no regulations or conditions of work so business owners made employees work long shifts in dangerous environments. Poor laws: the jobless were subjected to increased misery and forced labour. The state refused to play a role in the workplace which had significant consequences: most of the population suffered in terms of health and independence. Welfare State: The economic crisis after October 1929 caused high unemployment rates. During this period social welfare and unemployment insurance programs began to be implemented. World War II caused war-torn countries and the state had to act. Wanting to prevent further economic issues, governments in Western countries lived to regulate their economies through taxing and spending policies that were first advocated by John Maynard Keynes. Rather than leaving the market to sort itself out on its own, Keynesianism promoted state intervention. In times of economic downturn, governments would use their capacity to inject funds int
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