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Political Science
Laura Allan

Common good whatever is best for the greatestof peopleAKA utilitarianism john Stewart mill coined thismost likely to be achieved through a democratic government Free rider problem gaining the benefits without doing any of the work often found in political interest groups and lobbying groupsalso found in political protests Political legitimacy people being seen as someone thats law is acceptedyou have the right to exercise authority over otherslegitimacy authority people will not listen if they do not trust you Power 3 aspects of power authority legitimacy and distribution3 methods coercion using fear or threats to enforce power inducements you scratch my back I scratch yourspersuasion swaying opinion into your favor without using blunt force often by supplying them with factspersuasion can also be used in the sense of blocking out information in your favor manipulation like the assholes at the club trying to get in you pants 3 faces of powerdomination your idea needs to be strong enough ie conservatives dominate economic issues Shaping of ideas your ability to convince others to vote for you or follow you a sense of charismaavoid particular issues strengthen what you do have and gloss over what you dont have such as raising taxes in a political plan this is something they wont want to talk about 2 ways power can be distributedconcentrated or widely dispersedpros and cons of concentrated powernote it is easy to overthrow a centralized concentrated government over a more widely dispersed power dispersed powerthrough there is more opinions to be heard there is also less power per individual so it is harder to get things done or they may be rejected by other people will less subordinate power resources of powerposition having a powerful title control by the means of force you have the ability to induce force andmobilize forces the ability to get people to move in your favor using people on the floor to support you wealth using moneyControl of information think like north Korea people will not know what theyre missing out on if they have nothe ability to vote 3 kinds of leaderstraditional think king and queen they have incontestable power that no one can fuck withoften passed through hereditaryhigh level of power charismaticthey influence the masses through their personal skills or charismatic people
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