Political Protest and Violence: Terrorism

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Political Science
Yasmine Shamsie

PO111 Nov 26/13 Political Protest and Violence: Terrorism Violence can be used for those defending themselves or challenging others. Power to Challenge: Che Guevara Nelson Mandela Governments have used their power against revolutionary figures or the people who are trying to fight Power often supports violence; there is a link between the two. We don’t usually see violence alone it’s usually connected to the issue of power. Hannah Arendt: Political theorist - if violence is unsupported by power it’s just plain violence and can’t accomplish a political goal - ex. a lone man who can kill 50 or 60 people is not powerful unless the action was backed by power -> uniform (Nazi), military of any kind, mass popular support Saddam Hussein backed by: U.S., Ba’ath party and Sunni Muslims Terrorists do not define themselves as a terrorist Methods: - Bomb Jan Haugland, Blogger “Demanding the unreasonable…” Baltimore City, Newspaper “Violence inflicted upon the ‘ins’ by the ‘outs’” Prof. Khalid Abou el Fadl (UCLA) “Killing by stealth and targeting a defenceless victim in a way intended to cause terror in society” Terrorism: Elements for a definition - fear, dread - inspiring a very strong emotion - use or threat of violence as a strategy to achieve certain goals - Method of combat or strategy to achieve very particular goals - aims to induce fear causing people to alter their behaviour - publicity is an essential elem
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