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Political Science
Laura Allan

Constitution -rules/principles – define how community is governed -represents ‘basic law of the land’@core of country’s political systems/tradition -represents fundamental law of political community&sets the limits for political interaction -provides political rules for society->prescribes composition of a societys political instituions of govt & their interrelationship -framework with the creation of ordinary laws - may set relationship between govt and individual citizens (what gov can/cant do to citizens) -more than legislative documents ->symbol of nation -documents are always changing/amending Ex)canadas constitution – peace, order and good govt Constitutional power stipulating that power not allocated specifically in Canada constitution is federal Written – specific (codified)- establishes fundamental rules/principles by is governed Unwritten – uncodified conventions – HOW political community is governed Liberal Democracy -system of govt in which people rule themselves, directly or indirectly, subject to constit restraints on the power of majority -based on individual rights, free economic markets, & responsibility of govt to its citizens -4 central components – 1)equity of political rights 2)political participation 3)majority rule 4)political freedom -based on the belief that even the power of a govt that is supported by a majority is liable to abuse -prevent abuse of power: power/scope of govt are limited through constitution and rights of citizens are protected through constitution -5 principles of lib democ. 1)rule of law 2)political equality 3) political freedom 4)majority rule 5)minority rule protection 3 problems – 1) elite rule ->parties are more inclined to represent interests of ppl who donate to election campaigns and ability to lobby 2)major vs minor rights – govt that reflect majority view, can take action that oppresses certain minority (ex minority holding wealth, property or power) 3)balancing public/private interests- growth of priv interest -> reach point where it is stronger than pub interest ->lib democ therefore heads towards facism Power -ability to achieve goals in political system -> have others do as you wish them to do -relational -> ability to get ppl to act in a desired manner Structural- ability to change or modify aspects of political environment -power influenced
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